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Our Farmstead Experience at Skylonda Fall 2004
Experiments on Sheep Milking in Iceland Summer 2005


What Can Be Done with Those Big Coarse Fleeces? Spring 2006
One Way to Make a Felt Purse Summer 2006
Make a Pair of Swedish Mittens Winter 2007


Don't Neglect Those Feet and Hooves Fall 2004
Culling Sheep vs. Selection Fall 2004
Lambing Out Ewe Lambs Without Losing Your Mind Spring 2005
Preparing a Farm Emergency Folder Summer 2005
Grafting or Fostering New Lambs Spring 2006
Fascinating Colour & Pattern Genetics of Icelandic Sheep Spring 2007
An Article About Sheep and Herbs Summer 2007
Summer Breeding Journal Summer 2007
Controlling Mud on the Farm Winter 2007


When Are They Too Old? Summer 2005
Family Relationships in Icelandic Sheep Spring 2006
Four Hornedness: A Rare Peculiarity Still Found in Icelandic Sheep Fall 2005
Sheep and Face Identity Winter 2006
Ten Things a Buyer Should Ask and a Seller Should Be Ready To Answer Winter 2006
Tribute To A Shepherd or Lessons I've Learned From a Friend Spring 2007
Cooking With Lamb Summer 2008
Smarter Than A Fifth Grader Summer 2008

Older Articles

Twelve Years of Icelandic Sheep Stefania Sveinbjarnardottir Dignum Winter 1997
Icelandic Folktales Stefania Sveinbjarnardottir Dignum Summer 1997
The Icelandic Sheep "Club" of North America Stefania Sveinbjarnardottir Dignum Fall 1997
Horn Genetics Update Rich Kimball Spring 1998
Spin That Belly Wool Helen McFarland Summer 1998
Breeders Meeting   Fall 1998
The Legends Have Arrived Susan Mongold Winter 1999
Tattooing and Ear Tagging Your Sheep From conversations on the elist Spring 1999
Don't Let Rot Get a Foot in Your Door! Lisa Roskopf Summer 1999
Goodbye to Old Mori Stefania Sveinbjarnardottir Dignum Fall 1999
Leadersheep Stefania Sveinbjarnardottir Dignum Winter 2000
Separating and Using the Tog Beth Abbott Spring 2000
Historical and Modern Examples of Multi-horned Icelandic Sheep Shawn Carlson Summer 2000
Notes from Judith Mackenzie's Class on Fleece Selection and Grading Susan Mongold Fall 2000
Icelandic Sheep as a Dairy Animal Susan Mongold Fall 2000
Multi-Horned Icelandic Sheep Dr. Olafur Dyrmundsson
The Farmers Association of Iceland
Winter 2001
Notes from Judith Mackenzie's Class on Spinning Icelandic Fibers Susan Mongold Winter 2001
Bluetongue Virus in Sheep Susan Chappell Spring 2001
Horn Inheritance in Icelandic Sheep: An Interview with Emma Eythorsdottir Liz Harker Fall 2001
Icelandic Spinning Wheel "Rokkur" Stefania Sveinbjarnardottir Dignum Fall 2001
Rhinebeck Presentation on Southram Station and Icelandic Sheep Farming Gudmundar Johannasson Winter 2002
Farmstead Cheesemaking Part 1: Why Use Natural Ewe’s Milk? Plus Feta 101 Liz Harker Spring 2002
Farmstead Cheesemaking Part Two: Why is everything so technical? Plus Surface Ripened Cheese 101 Liz Harker Summer 2002
Intensive Grazing: Experiences and tips from our resident experts Excerpts from the e-list Fall 2002
The Icelandic Goat Breed Halla Eyglo Sveinsdottir and Olafur R. Dyrmundsson Winter 2003
A Glimpse of Southram's History Gudmundur Johannesson
Southagri - The Agricultural Association of South Iceland
Spring 2003
Milking My Icelandic Sheep Charlene Barkus-Lofton Summer 2003
Pasture Lambing in Extreme Weather - An Early April Journal Jimmie Londagin Fall 2003
Preparing Your Sheepskin for Tanning Lee Bates Winter 2004
Icelandic Sheep at Borg Farm, Iceland Brynhildur Inga Einarsdottir Spring 2004