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Your personal guide to ISBONA's many resources starts here. My name is Lars. Let me show you around.

We are glad to have you as part of our community. As one of the oldest purebred breeds of sheep in the world, Icelandic sheep have a lot of history and an equivalent amount of valuable information. Our website contains articles on just about anything and everything you could think of having to do with Icelandics. It can be overwhelming at times when you are looking for something specific. 

That is why we created this guide. 

We have tried to orient the guide to your needs depending on your "lifestage" with sheep. You may be just beginning to get interested and looking for some basic facts about Icelandics to see if they might be right for you. Or you might have already decided Icelandics are your breed of choice, and now it is time to actually acquire a few. If you have had your sheep for a while, you might be looking to breed them and need information on how to arrange good breeding groups in the Fall and then register your new lambs in Spring. And some of you are already, or soon will be, accomplished shepherds looking for advice on making your sheep business successful. We can point you to resources in all of these areas and get you off to a good start exploring even more of what our website and organization have to offer.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, please make sure you have setup your farm account so we have all your contact information and your farm description. Our biannual newsletter is on line and available in a section for Members Only, and you will need your farm ID and password to access it. Go HERE to set up your account if you have not already done so. 

Choose your sheep "lifestage" and let's get started. Under each stage, we have listed a few of the resources that answer common questions we get from our members. Please feel free to jump around, though. For example, no matter how experienced a member might be at registering sheep, it never hurts to check the rules for coding to make sure you "name" your lambs correctly. That is a good way to help future shepherds understand what they are getting when they buy one of your purebred animals.


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  • Our Archives section holds articles on Meat, Milk, Fiber and more from our Newsletters.
  • Help on Farm insurance from an older ISBONA newsletter.