ISBONA Membership Benefits

Consider joining ISBONA! Our purpose is to preserve and protect the purebred Icelandic sheep breed in North America, facilitate registrations and pedigrees, provide information about Icelandic sheep and to promote the special attributes and products of these unique sheep. Many of our members breed sheep for sale or have other products or information of interest.

All members enjoy the benefits below.

Annual General Membership Meetings (AGM) are held yearly by ISBONA. Meetings rotate across the US often in conjunction with a sheep show or are held via webinar usually late in the year.

ISBONA Newsletter: ISBONA's high quality, professional newsletter is one of our basic means of communication and also serves as a wonderful educational tool. Articles of interest include anything about Icelandic sheep, Iceland, farm profiles, flock management, pasture management, health, working with the Icelandic fleece and wool, recipes, etc. The newsletter is published on line twice a year.

Some More Benefits:

  • Lending Library. Our library, through fundraisers and donations, is an extensive collection of books and video tapes on almost anything Icelandic -- all available for loan to current members of ISBONA. 
  • Internet Discussion Group. On-line email forum for the Icelandic sheep community to share information about Icelandic sheep, their care, and related topics among members. You must be an ISBONA member to join this forum.
  • ISBONA Member Directory provides a listing of members, many of whom are breeding sheep; all of whom have an interest in the Icelandic breed of sheep. Members are categorized by state, province, and country. The ISBONA Directory includes many ISBONA members, although a listing here is not an endorsement by ISBONA of any individual farm. In looking for breeding stock or answers to questions, be sure to find a knowledgeable breeder who is willing to offer you pre-sale and after-sale support.  
  • Resources. Other useful materials for members: Icelandic sheep and ISBONA fact sheets, sheep registration information, etc.


If you are ready to join, the process is easy! Visit our sign up (and renewal) page.


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