Membership Classes and Benefits 

Please note: We are changing to a Jan-Dec member year. All new memberships in 2018 will run until December 2018. Existing memberships (which are now scheduled to expire in July) will be automatically extended to December of their effective year. We will have our next renewal period in Jan 2019.

Junior Member - $5/year

Online newsletters, library privileges, internet discussion group membership, access to all ISBONA-sponsored events, inclusion of a farm card in the online Directory. No voting privileges. Restricted to those under age 18.

Regular Member - $30/year with multi-year discounts available.

Online newsletters, library privileges, internet discussion group membership, access to all ISBONA-sponsored events, voting privileges, inclusion of a farm card in the online Directory. Members may also be eligible to run for election to the Board of Directors.


Join or Renew Membership

The process for joining or renewing is simple:

  • Pay for your membership with a PayPal button or send check with our printable application. Both are found below.
  • Create your ISBONA Member Account including optional farm information.
  • Receive an "approval" email from ISBONA. Now you can login to your account at any time.

1. Pay for Your Membership (2 options):

(a) Print and mail

Download, print and mail the form below with your check to our Member Secretary at the address on the form. 

(b) Join or Renew your Membership Online

Choose the Membership Level you desire and click on the PAY NOW button. This will take you to the PayPal site where you can use your PayPal account or a major credit card.


2. Create Your Account

All members should enter basic contact information for their Member Account and may also enter information about their farms, animals, products, interests, etc. to be listed on the website in the Member Directory. Note: Members may choose to have their information unlisted. 

The ISBONA Member Directory provides a listing of members, many of whom are breeding sheep and may have breeding stock or sheep products available. Members are categorized by state, province, and country. In each category there are virtual farm cards showing names, addresses, and contact information. Clicking on the blue label of the entry opens up a details page for that particular member which will include even more information.

Notes about using the Directory's entry form:

1. You will be asked to enter the name of your farm, or your last name, as the label of your membership account. This will become your Username online.

2. An email address is required. Please provide an address that you check frequently since we do much of our communication electronically.

3. Choose a password of at least 5 characters.

4. Entering an optional, short paragraph about your farm and animals will allow visitors to search for content.

5. Upload photos from your computer if you wish. Currently there is room for three images.

6. As soon as your entry is processed by ISBONA, you will receive an email notifying you that your information is viewable online in the directory.


3. Logging In to Your Account (Members Only section)

Use your password, once approved, to log in. The Login is found in the main menu of any webpage. Login using your unique username and the password you selected. A successful login will take you to the Welcome Member Page where you can choose from various Member Only features such as newsletters, ISBONA business and so on. Remember to use your Username and not your email address to login.

To make changes to your account, first login, find your virtual card/entry in the Member Directory, and click your blue username to see your details (your account/farm name is in black type on the editable details page). By clicking on the Edit icon next to your farm name and selecting Edit, you can revise anything you wish. Changes will be approved as quickly as possible (it won't be too long!) and then your revisions will be visible to everyone.

Please email us if you have any questions about paying dues or creating or revising your listing. It is easier than it looks.


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